Our core tasks are to find and clarify the best administration and accounting solutions according to your needs. We do this by working closely with you and your key employees. We also work with auditors, banks and public authorities. For us, it is important that we create a workflow that keeps you informed so that results in that you have the full overview of the present in your company. We will also help you on the way to your better future.

We offer the following services for your business.


  • Start-up and registration of the company
  • Daily journal entry
  • Vendor management and payments on time
  • Debtor management, billing and reminder procedures
  • Budgeting and budget follow-up
  • VAT reconciliation and reporting
  • Payroll
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly reports
  • Preparing for audit at year end
  • Inventory management – orders, receipt and invoicing

Guaranteed results at affordable pricing

Our price for the performance of these tasks is only 500 DKK per hour incl. VAT and we can proudly say that this price is one of the lowest on the market, especially in light of our efficient workflows. You pay only for the real work and not breaks.
Based on our previous experience, we can offer you an extra service, namely automation and optimization of work processes. The price for it is only 600 DKK. pr. hour where we together agree on the scope of the project.

We also perform tasks on an ongoing basis at a fixed agreed price.

Usable links:

Visma E-conomic

Internet based accounting program with options for add-on modules and functions such as Warehouse, Webshop, Scanning, SmartIndbox etc.


Internet-based payroll program with the possibility of automating the payroll process.

Visma DataLøn

Visma DataLøn offers an automated payroll system and legal advice within pay and HR

The official business register of the authorities with the full data for every company including ownership, accounts, etc.

Tax office / Skat

Authorities website for reporting VAT, employees, customs, etc.

VAT / Moms

Here you can find information about how to report, deadlines for reporting VAT and how to pay your VAT.